Change the batterey within 3 steps

Make the power always on together 100% access to electricity

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Keep The Power Always On With Sugineo

Electricity with light and power,

Engulfs time and space,

Carrying the voice of mountains and rivers,

Although unknown, it is the greatest servant of mankind

2000w portable power station for camping

2* USB-C PD 100W

Allows you to fast charge for laptops, phones, Nintendo and game players and more...

Three charging modes

Mains charging + vehicle charging + solar charging

6 outputs 14 ports

Simultaneous power supply without mutual interference

LED light

Third gear lighting, switch freely

LG blade battery

Less heat production and fast heat dissipation

Wireless charging

15W fast charging, discharging and charging

BMS system

6 major protections to protect power safety

4*QC3.0 Ports

Each ports support up to 18W

12V Car Port

Support to works for drones,fridges,CPAPs lights and other 12V devices

Detachable Battery!

The first "replaceable battery" technology.

To Replace battery within 3 steps

2000W AC Output

With 8x 2000W AC outlets,T-Rex lets you power essential devices when you’re at home and heavy-duty power tools when you’re working outdoors.

1000W Fast Charging

Sugineo Super fast charging technology,allows to recharge fully in 2 hours from wall no need AC adapter.

The World's First "Replaceable Battery" Technology

600W solar input

Allows 12~60V voltage range input, support max 600W input and up to 99.99% High efficiency

2000wh capacity

With Huge capacity that keeps your home devices fully charged during power outages and emergencies.

New Product Series-S3000 World Premiere

Fast charging technology

Charge 1.5 kwh in 1 hour

3180Wh large capacity

For 1 degree electric core release

LED light

Third gear lighting, switch freely


Among the consequences of climate change, there are effects that are there for all to see: increasingly adverse and severe weather events are having dramatic impacts on the lives of entire families.

Often these conditions are accompanied by power outages that can last for extended periods of time, preventing the use of essential services such as heating & lighting and consequently do not allow you to carry out essential activities. In a world where power plays such an important role in our increasingly smart homes, a loss of power could also jeopardise essential services for the survival of people with serious health problems or something as simple as charging an electric vehicle.


      • Internet, Telephone, TV & Home office functionality
      • Washing machines and drum dryers
      • Kitchen appliances
      • Smart Technology & Security Systems
      • Electric Vehicle Charging

    • Refrigerated / frozen food and medicine
    • heating
    • Kitchen appliances
    • lighting
    • hot water


Collect power to run your device or to store power in a Power Pack for later

How does a solar generator work?

With a variety of high power output, storage capacity and various charging methods, sugnieo portable power station will keep your equipment running indoors and outdoors.



Collect electricity to run your equipment or store it at sugnieo power station for future use



Store the power of our solar panels or walls or cars in the sugnieo power station  



Use the sugnieo power station to power your equipment and provide off grid solution


Store power in a Power Pack from one of our Solar Panels or the wall


Power your device with SUGNIEO for an off-the-grid power solution

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Portable Power Station with ternary lithium or lithium iron phosphate battery with a power of 500-6000w, which can provide an effective solution for outdoor camping, home energy storage or factory power generation systems.
  • Capacity: 1228Wh
  • Output: 1500W
  • Battery: Lithium irom phosphate
  • Car charge: 13.6V/8A
  • DC output: 220V/50Hz
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Why Select Sugineo?
​​​Sqm Factory Plants
  • Capacity: 2000Wh
  • AC output: 220V/50Hz
  • Battery: Ternary polymer
  • Car charge: 13.6V/8A
  • DC output: 13.6V/8A
  • Output power: 3000W
  • Peak power: 6000W
  • Capacity: 3108Wh
  • Charging power: 58.8V/15A
  • AC output: 220V/110V
​​​Years Experience
Industrial energy storage
3000w portable solar generator is equipped with a DC aviation socket and 6000 watts of peak power, which can be used for factory power generation system solutions.
2000w UPS power supply is based on UPS and "replaceable battery" technology, which can provide an effective solution for household and medical power consumption.
1000w portable power station with lithium iron phosphate and 1000W fast charging technology, which can provide stable power for camping.

       Sugineo is a high-tech energy holding enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of green and environment-friendly lithium-ion battery intelligent terminal products.

       Sugineo is deeply engaged in the field of new energy and is committed to becoming a new leading brand of global mobile energy storage. Every sugineo person will take responsibility in heart, perform responsibility in line, and contribute wisdom and strength to create green technology and green life for sustainable development and achieve the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization" in the world!

       Our vision: to become a new leading brand of global mobile energy storage

       Our use: let electricity be everywhere!

       Our values: integrity, pragmatism, efficiency and innovation